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The Consumer and Merchant Awareness Foundation is dedicated to helping consumers make informed and good decisions to protect themselves and to enjoy the benefits of the payment system and consumer financial services in general.
Information for Merchants
The Consumer and Merchant Awareness Foundation recognizes that there are millions of merchants participating in the payment and financial services arena. Many merchants do not have all of the resources they need to effectively balance the advantages offered by new products and technologies with their inherent costs and operating requirements.
The Consumer and Merchant Awareness Foundation is a New York State Not-For-Profit Corporation dedicated to protecting and improving the integrity of the financial services marketplace for both consumers and merchants.
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Junior Achievement of New York The Foundation supports Junior Achievement of New York and its programs to improve financial literacy.
Junior Achievement of New YorkThe Foundation is developing a new approach to providing personal financial management while helping consumers to improve their financial literacy. The concept is to provide a simple, yet effective way for people to save money (pay you first) while still managing expenses. The goal of our program (PayYouFirst) is to provide integrated services to you as a consumer in simple ways with sustainable benefits. Learn more under our Programs & Services.
Printable ResourcesThe Foundation developed printable materials that focus on consumer fraud protection, merchant fraud prevention and personal budgeting. Click HERE to download and print
these materials.